Check Lexi Dress

  • £245.00

The Lexi dress is cut from a beautiful handwoven cotton. With a fitted smocked chest and short capped sleeves. A frill round the chest, sleeves and back to give a feminine edge.

Material : This fabric is handwoven on pit looms in Murshidabad, West Bengal. The warp and weft yarn are dyed here as well, receiving a three-dip treatment in natural indigo dye to reach a beautiful cerulean blue.

Size and Fit :

X Small 6/8, Small 8/10, Medium 10/12, Large 12/14

Washing Instructions : Cold wash, mild detergent and hang dry

One for One : With every garment bought we stitch a uniform for a boy at the Taabar Street Children Shelter. 


All of our 2020 collection is made to order, orders will be put through to our manufacturers once received and then from that it should take approx 4 - 5 weeks to receive your order.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch via our instant messenger chat or on email for any questions.