Provides clothes + rucksacks for the boys of the Taabar Street Children Shelter

Jaipur Junction is the railway station and home to many people who end up living on the street after coming to the Pink City in search of a job and a better life. Taabar Shelter, based next to the junction, is an NGO that works specifically with street boys who either lived on the street or were forced into child labour.

 The shelter aims to rehabilitate, rebuild confidence, teach the boys basic English, Maths and Hindi and ultimately find their families.

The boys arrive at the shelter with nothing and the charity cannot provide them with even the simplest of things like new clothes, toiletries or school materials because there simply isn’t the funding.

Through your clothing purchases we provide the boys with day clothes and nightwear. Each purchase enables one uniform, for a boy, to be stitched by our womens' empowerment group.


Furthermore, Kapara has designed a hand made key-ring that will raise funds for the project. With each key-ring bought a rucksack will be provided to a boy in the shelter. Something that he can call his own and something that when the time comes he can take home




Designing a positive future

Kapara is proud to be designing and manufacturing in Jaipur, India.


As a brand we feel a strong responsibility to help improve the lives of the people that live in the places we work.

Kapara has set up 2 foundations: The Rucksack Project and Weaving The Future, both of which work specifically with children in Jaipur. 

Furthermore Kapara works alongside a women's empowerment programme that teaches women from the slums how to sew and provides them with employment.

Through your purchases and these projects, we are able to clothe, educate and support children and women in Jaipur


Providing school materials for non government funded schools.

Kapara in collaboration with arihant arts has built a foundation that raises money for local Jaipur schools.

The schools are massively underfunded and don't have materials for even a basic education.

Through our accessories sales we buy or make items such as tables, chairs, books and computers.

Through sales to date we have made 130 desks and chairs and one computer, printer and scanner

Women's Empowerment

Kapara works alongside a women's empowerment programme. These are women who have left marriages normally due to domestic violence.

They then struggle to find work and consequently end up in the slums, unable to look after themselves or their children.

This programme teaches them how to sew. We then employs them to make our keyrings and bags. The programme gives vulnerable women not only confidence but also a skill set that will allow them to work, earn and take care of their children.

We are currently designing canvas bags and packaging drawstring bags for other brands and hotel groups. These are made by the women's empowerment programme. It is really helping to provide these amazingly brave women with a steady income.


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