An Indian Excuse

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

I have gone from 125 reads of my second blog down to 24 of the last blog. This unavoidable fact combined with my Granny calling the last one 'boring' I currently feel far from confident. However here goes, hopefully perseverance will eventually pay off.

Kapara, I am a little ashamed to say did not start off as a throughly well thought out business plan but as an excuse to venture back to India on what can only be described as a poorly disguised holiday.

Whilst, Chessie (my former business partner and still best mate) and I had every intention to go on the hunt for beautiful textiles the idea of starting a business together had not yet crossed our minds.

It was in Jaipur during hours spent at the tailors making new wardrobes and drinking copious amounts of sugary chai that we had the light bulb moment of teaming up to design a collection. We had created the permanent Indian excuse 'work takes us there twice a year'. We decided to call the label 'Kapara' meaning fabric in Hindi or so we thought. We were later told by a friend it actually more broadly meant 'cloth' and was often used to describe 'rags'.

Chessie and I worked/had a huge amount of fun for 2 years. We travelled back and fourth from London to Jaipur, designing in Jaipur and selling in England. Although we are very similar in many ways Chess taught me or rather tried to teach me the art of organisation, a talent I had not yet mastered and an art I am still refining. So thank you Chess. However as they say all good things have to come to an end. Chessie was juggling two businesses and it was time to focus on one - her amazing rug company Despite no longer being business partners our work trips to Jaipur magically coincide with each other and then with the a quick trip to the beach in Goa. Long may it continue.


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