Case Study - Sharat

To show the importance of the work that we do with Taabar Street Children Shelter we are going to upload a monthly case study on one of the boys at the shelter.

Meet Sharat. He is 10 years old and has already lost both of his parents. He lived with his sister near Bihar, one of the poorest areas in India.

One day a man called Nurul came to visit his sister and brother in law. Nurul was finding boys for work. Nurul took Sharat to Jaipur where he was put to work in a bangle factory. Sharat said the first month was ok but after this Nurul started beating and torturing him. Sharat was beaten repeatedly with an iron rod. It became his daily routine.

Sharat was never allowed to communicate with his sister and in the 2 years that he worked at the factory and he was not paid once. During this time he was sexually abused by older boys.

When Taabar shelter rescued him he had injuries all over his body and was severely emotionally traumatised. Since being at the shelter he has been given LOTS of food, medical help, support, counselling and care. He also received 2 sets of uniforms (stitched by the Women’s Empowerment programme) and a rucksack. He now has something he can call his own. Sharat will stay at the shelter until he is ready to go back to his sister.

Our scrunchies and keyrings are 100% NON PROFIT. Each one will buy a rucksack with 20 or so things inside. The rucksack is more than just a bag to Sharat, it is something he can call his own. It is a physical symbol of care and safety from another human being to Sharat.




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