The Rajasthan Dream

During my first visit to Rajasthan, we covered nearly all the typical tourist attractions; camel rides in Jaisalmer, guided tours of various forts, lakeside views in Udaipur as well as hours spent wandering market after market in search of all sorts of Indian treasures.

Finally, we found ourselves in the little hippy town of Pushkar. I seem to remember spending the first morning wandering the streets buying everything I didn't need, probably would never wear again, and would only add yet more weight to a rucksack that already felt as if it was filled with bricks. At this particular time I had a penchant for embroidered, mirrored and oddly shaped waistcoats, a style that unsurprisingly did not translate well in England. However, at the time I felt it went rather too well with my recently and unintentionally dyed pink hair and baggy Aladdin trousers. A successful fashion brand was clearly on the cards.

A couple of days in I found myself on the second floor of one of these shops knees deep in vintage Sarees deciding (as I am sure many other travellers before me had done) to make a collection of dresses to then sell back in the UK. The Indian clothing venture had officially begun. Whilst, I returned to Rajasthan every year after this, it was another few years before Kapara was born.


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