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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Chapter 1

As someone who has never felt overly confident / comfortable at writing anything more taxing than a to do list, the idea of writing a blog, has never really reached my top 10 things to do or get done. It has however, remained in the back of my mind, as a possibly useful tool for my brand that I should at least have one sorry attempt at it (hopefully at some point in the far distant future). Sadly I feel that distant future has almost definitely passed and now here I am - so please forgive the inevitable spelling and grammatical mistakes and possibly inexcusably bad content whilst I attempt to give this a go.

The purpose of these blog posts shall be to tell the Kapara story. Where we started, how and why we started, what inspires us, who inspires us, where we plan on going and with who.

India - Why?

India is like Marmite or perhaps even Bovril - you either love it or you hate it. I happen to love both, so I was off to a good start.

I think my love for India was actually born before I even got to the country. My Grandfather grew up in Calcutta. His family had a jute factory (Jute is a type of natural fabric - fitting eh?) and despite never having got the chance to go with him, I have heard the stories and have seen the photographs.

It is a country of outstanding diversity. From it's geography to the culture, wealth language, food, textiles and people; every inch of India has something different to offer.

As quoted in one of my favourite films, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel:

'it's an assault on all of your senses'

The photos below are some that my Grandparents took whilst travelling there in the 1990s. In the following blog i'll move on to my early travels in the country where 'anything is possible' or so I was told.


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