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Note from Daisy

Note from Daisy

Kapara designs are rooted in Indian textiles and culture. It was and is my permanent excuse to go yearly to a country where you can’t help but be inspired daily by people, architecture and the everyday life that goes on around you and our collections are and have always been a reflection of that.

For the last few years my aim has been to make Kapara a clothing brand that has a positive impact socially. To create a brand that focuses on people as much as profit. Something that has been and continues to be incredibly rewarding. 

A natural progression in the last year has led me to add ‘the planet’ into the people, profit equation. A subject that is ever more present and I have found / find really enjoyable to research and learn about.

For Kapara the starting point for a more environmentally sustainable future is our fabric (which concidentally is what Kapara means in Hindi - ‘cloth’). Previously we have used fabrics often imported from outside of India that you can’t track from field to fabric. This year ALL our fabrics are made sustainably in India and I’m so much happier with them. They are stronger, more comfortable to wear and have a more luxurious feel to them.

Whilst I firmly believe that you don’t need to compromise on the design to become more sustainable we are taking a  ‘Less is More’ approach to manufacturing by producing smaller quantities and encouraging customers to buy ‘Made to Order’ we aim to reduce our waste and increase more thoughtful spending.

Sustainability is not something that can be achieved over night. It is complex, it requires constant learning, research and conversation. It is multi faceted, socially and environmentally and creates the need for constant problem solving but I believe it is something so necessary for us all to implement into our everyday lives so that it becomes an everyday constant.

I believe that transparency is key in all aspects of the sustainability conversation and so over the coming months we will be sharing our progress including areas that have proven difficult, goals we want to meet, targets we have set and partnerships we have formed. Essentially the good, the bad and the ugly.

As always we are keen to hear from you so if you have any questions at all contact us through Instagram @kaparalondon, or on email 

Love Daisy