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Taabar Street Children Shelter

This is a project that is incredibly close to Founder Daisy’s heart. When she first started Kapara in 2015 she was living in Jaipur spending the mornings teaching English and Maths to the boys at the street children shelter.

The shelter is just behind Jaipur Junction, the railway station and home to many who end up living on the street after coming to the Pink City in search of a job and a better life. Taabar Shelter is an NGO that works specifically with boys. These are boys from all over India who have got lost, run away or been forced into child labour.

The majority of boys who end up at the shelter are picked up by agents in Bihar (one of the poorest states in India) and then taken to Jaipur where they are forced to work unimaginable hours on zero pay in poor working conditions.

The shelter works alongside the local police to find and rescue boys working in factories. The boys arrive at the shelter alone, frightened and having often been abused. The shelter does incredible work to rehabilitate, rebuild confidence, teach the boys basic English, Maths and Hindi and ultimately find their families.

When Daisy worked at the shelter she noticed that the boys shared everything from notebooks and pencils to toothbrushes and towels and so The Rucksack Project was created. Through sales of products designed specifically for this project, we provide the boys with a rucksack with 20 or so different items from toiletries to stationery. Something the boys can call their own and when the time comes they can take home with them.

If you would like to read more about the shelter here is a link to their website.

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