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Our Netflix Fix

Our Netflix Fix

Lockdown 2 has really allowed us to get on top of all things Netflix. Hunkering down in the evenings with a glass of red wine and yet another series has seen us through the last few weeks. So heres what we have been watching. 

Kiss The Ground

For anyone who wants to get to grips with understanding climate change and what needs to be done to balance our climate, replenish water supplies and feed the world this is the documentary for you. The documentary narrated by Woody Harrelson is accessible and encouraging and definitely leaves you with food for thought.

Chasing Coral

The rise in temperature on earth is having a huge impact on our oceans and this beautifully made documentary sets out to capture visual evidence of coral bleaching. Chasing Coral gives you a real understanding of the unprecedented rate in which our coral reefs are vanishing and the importance of them to our waters and natural world.

Trial 4

A documentary that sheds light on the flaws of the American justice system and the corruption in the Boston Police department. This is the story of Sean Ellis who was arrested at the age of 19 and spent 20 years in jail for a murder he did not commit and his fight for freedom.

Schitts Creek

If you haven't watched it you have most likely heard of it and its a must. A Sunday night feel good. The characters who at first you are totally unsure of you soon you want to become your best mates.

Modern Family

Not a new one but we still love it as much as we did in the first season. The kids have grown up but Phill Dumfey is very much still the same.

The Trial of The Chicago Seven

A brilliant and well cast film about the seven people who were charged by the federal government with conspiracy. arising from the protests in Chicago against the Vietnam war.