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The Better Future Collective

The Better Future Collective

The Better Future Collective


We are really pleased to share with you our latest project The Better Future Collective. One of the main pillars of Kapara is to create a positive social impact in the City where we work - Jaipur.


Back in January I was approached by Ramesh, whom I work with on The Rucksack Project. He had set up a school in an impoverished area of Jaipur that encouraged girls in the local area to get an education.

Many of the girls come from tough and sometimes abusive homes. Their education is not prioritised and in stead they end up in early marriage and or child labor.

This school is a real beacon of hope. It offers free, quality education in a secure and safe environment. In April this year its main fundraisers (a pharmaceutical company) decided to channel their charitable money into helping the medical sector and so Ramesh was left to find financial support for 200 girls.


Together we came up with the idea to approach brands like Kapara who work in India and want to give back. The supported from brands we have been in touch with so far has been amazing and we have sponsored around 80 girls education!



Special Thanks to the following brands so far:

Beulah London, SZ Blockprints, Pink City Prints, Ibbi Direct, Ruha Jewellery, India By Florence, Pushka, Housing Hand, Zojora, Ouroboros, Francesca Gentilli, Alice Palmer and Birdie Fortescue 

There are 200 girls in the school all who need financial support too. If you would like to help support these girls in going to school please follow the link below.


ALL money donated goes directly to the school, any questions please email