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  • Sign Up To Our Newsletter For 10% Off Your First Order

Our Factories 


At Kapara we believe in making our products in one place. This reduces the carbon footprint of transporting garments all over the world to be made in different places. 

To make our products we work with two different teams our printers / tailors and our weavers.  We don’t believe in switching manufacturing units every season in order to find the cheapest prices, to us it is important to pay fair wages and to build relationships that will last. 

We have been working with our printing and stitching unit for 3 years and our weaving for 5 years. The printers and stitching units is just a 10 minute from drive from the Jaipur apartment and we visit at least 3 times a week when we are in India. 



The weaving factory is 45 minutes outside of Jaipur and one of our highlights is going to visit the village and weaving units where it all happens. We always get the most amazing curry cooked at Kailash (The head Weavers) family home!