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Diwali Festival of Light

Diwali Festival of Light

Diwali is celebrated across India and is known as the festival of light. The festival lasts for five days and marks the start of the Hindu New Year. The dates are dependant on the position of the moon and Diwali itself is on a new moon. People across India light hundreds and thousands of candles and use lights to decorate their homes.

Diwali celebrates good over evil notably in the legend of Rama when he returns home after 14 years of exile. It is said that Ayodhya's citizens welcomed their prince home with thousands of glowing oil lamps on a moonless night.

As part of the preparations It is in Indian culture to spend the 15 days leading up to the festival deep cleaning the house, like a Spring clean in England!

Beautiful Rangoli patterns are often drawn at the entrances to peoples homes. These patterns are made in coloured powder similar to that used at Holi festival. Rangoli encourages the gods to come and bring good luck to the home. 


Diwali is a time for family and feasting and is one of the most important dates in the Indian calendar. 

To celebrate Diwali this year we are super excited to announce that we have partnered with Kricket London for a Diwali feast (24th October) at their White City restaurant.



They will be serving up a traditional vegetarian Thali to mark the festival.

Tickets for the night are £35 per guest and include a welcome drink, snacks, your Thali and a selection of traditional sweets. There will be two sittings for this night, 6.15pm and 8.15pm.

AND We will be offering a discount code of 15% off to all event attendees Kricket is our favourite modern Indian restaurant in London and tickets will sell out fast, so don’t miss out!!