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10 Minutes With Emily Laing | Actor, Singer and Songwriter

10 Minutes With Emily Laing | Actor, Singer and Songwriter


We are kicking off our 10 Minutes With series this week with the wonderful Emily Laing. She is a beautiful singer song writer who is not only witty but refreshingly honest.

Emily wears our Chloe Dress in green. 


What has your journey been to get where you are now? (career)

Looooong!! I went to Guildhall to study acting after school so I’ve been acting professionally for 6 years. It’s gorgeous and wonderful but it’s the career version of a cat. One minute it loves you and the next it’s scratching your eyes out. I started writing music as a way of exercising my creative energy. I never expected it to go anywhere and now I’m releasing an EP! Funny how things happen!


How would you describe your music?

Folky, poppy, hopefully honest. Bouncy at times. All written with my heart on my sleeve which means they can be difficult to hear when circumstances change. But I don’t regret writing or releasing anything. 


What and who inspires you? 

Mazzy Star, Martha Wainwright, Damian Rice. My friends who keep me sane. 


When you are not singing or acting what are you doing?

Reading, writing, creating cocktails (usually terrible), cooking. 


When life gets stressful - how do you kickback?

With a really stupid horror film that has terrible jump scares. Takes my mind off everything. 


How did you find isolation creatively?

It gave me space to write and experiment. Drop things I didn’t like. Revisit things I did. I actually found it kind of great. 


Is there anything really positive you have taken from Isolation?

I think I’ve learnt not to give my heart away too easily. It’s a been a tough lesson to learn. But hopefully a positive one. 


Any great isolation reads or watches?

Normal People (obviously). Girl, Woman, Other (Bernadine Evaristo). The Orphan Master’s Son (Adam Johnson) - tough read but great. 


During isolation we have been forced to slow down and practice more sustainable ways of living do you think this is something you will take forward coming out of isolation?

100%. I’ve been far more careful about waste. I’ve always been an avid recycler but I’m paying far more attention to everything else as well. 


How much do you consider the sustainability of a product when considering a purchase?

A lot. I hate buying things that I know will get tossed in a couple of months. When I’m aware something has been made ethically and sustainably I’m far more careful and respectful of the product.