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10 Minutes with Estelle Bingham

10 Minutes with Estelle Bingham

Introducing Estelle, who is my healer and friend! I have been lucky enough to have known her for over 5 years and she has helped me grow both spiritually and emotionally. 

How would you describe what you do?


My work is about helping people grow a deeper relationship with themselves, so they can ultimately become the master and healer of their own lives.  It is a journey towards an acceptance of how perfectly imperfect we are.  It is about self-compassion, kindness, daily self-awareness and self-empowerment.  It is a journey back to the essence of who we are. As we identify, heal and clear the blocks and old trauma that might manifest as toxic or unhealthy behaviours or feelings of stagnation, depression or anxiety, powerful transformation begins to happen. 


The return to our authentic selves happens through connecting to our Hearts.  It comes from learning the language of our Hearts that we have often forgotten or supressed.  When we show-up to our lives in an energetic way our Souls are finally able to breath.  There is a profound exhalation of relief at the centre of the life-time.  And therein exists the long-lasting peace.


How did you get into this field of work? 


I was lucky enough to grow up in quite an alternative, bohemian household with my mother who is very psychic, - a gift that has been handed down over four generations through the female line.  She was definitely light years ahead of her time when it came to nutrition and wellness, but most importantly my childhood was filled with a deep honouring of Magic. We absolutely never stopped believing in fairies!


And for as long as I can remember I could naturally feel energy. The energy in nature, places, houses and people was always tangible to me and as I got older I had to learn how to protect and manage that ability. Learning Transcendental Meditation at six years old helped ground and centre my own energy.  As meditation stills the chatter within the mind it also ultimately opens a channel for connection to inner wisdom and inter-dimensional space.  The stillness allows you to see beyond the veil of this 3-dimensional world into other dimensions which is where my relationship with the Angelic realms began. 


There was a time in my early twenties when the last thing I wanted to do was healing or energy work, so I became a travel presenter instead.  But as I always say ‘You can run, but You can’t hide’ and my destiny was earmarked from the beginning.  I am deeply honoured to be of service to the Light!


How was isolation for you and for the work you do?


I was working non-stop through lockdown via Zoom. I spent the first two months of lockdown in Hampshire where I run my retreats, and then back to London. 

Isolation has turned our worlds inside out and upside down and many people really suffered from the impact of fear, the unknown and loneliness which is emerging again as we sit with uncertainty for the rest of the year.


But it has also offered us the opportunity to re-evaluate what really matters to us.  The only real way to manage our own fears and everything in the collective consciousness is to stay Present. So, by default the simplicity of lockdown has created a shift in our thinking and expectations.


Is there anything really positive you have taken from Isolation. 


I feel that without many of the distractions that constantly compete for our attention and time, there has been an incredible opportunity for people to journey inwards which can be extremely challenging but is a gift in the end.  Having the mental space gave people a chance to become more creative, connect with nature and exercise more self-care.  This has been really positive to witness.


When you are not helping others where do you like to be and what do you like to be doing.  


I love to be in nature…walking in the woods…walking down a beach, listening to the rumble of the ocean, tending to the roses in my garden or walking the dogs. I’ve also always loved adventures so will probably be travelling in my nineties!


When I’m home I love to cook big dinners for my friends and can’t resist a kitchen disco at the end!


For those wanting to learn how to slow the brain and calm the mind what are the first steps you would recommend them taking.


I would definitely remind you not to over-mystify the idea of slowing down the brain and calming the mind.


The rise and fall of breath is happening inside your right here, right now. Take a few moments to observe that rise and fall of energy.  There is nothing more to Being.  As the thoughts come and go, give permission for the chatter of the mind to bombard you, then gently take your focus back to the breath.  Eventually we spend less and less time with the chatter and more and more time just Being.

Be kind to yourself.  It takes a little bit of practice. Suspend the self-judgemental voice that likes to tell us how we are not doing things perfectly.  Keep showing up.  The rewards are invaluable.


During isolation we have been forced to slow down and practice more sustainable ways of living do you think this is something you will take forward coming out of isolation?


I hope that we can remember that we don’t need to fill our days with ‘stuff’.  That we can actually exist on much less than we thought we could and being with our families and friends and lovingly with ourselves is worth its weight in gold!


How much do you consider the sustainability of a product when considering a purchase? 


I’m always thinking about the sustainability of a product before buying it. I believe it’s fundamental to question whether a product has been ethically sourced and is sustainable. I just don’t think in this day and age we can afford not to! All living things are connected and our resources are shrinking. Without asking those questions somehow, somewhere, eventually we are jeopardising the fragile balance of life on earth!