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The Good Vibes Scrunchies

The Good Vibes Scrunchies

Some happy news during these fairly miserable times!

Last week we made a rather special delivery to the boys at the Taabar Street Children Shelter.

50 rucksacks and 35 uniforms!

The Shelter in Jaipur

The shelter rescues boys that are either lost, runaway or more typically ones in forced labour. 

They are forced to work horrendous hours on no pay, no education and with little food. Abused by the factory owners the boys often arrive at the shelter traumatised and alone. Taabar gives the boys a roof over their head, education and rehabilitation. It is a safe haven for boys to recover whilst the charity finds their families.

The past 6 months has been a volatile time for many people throughout the world. These boys are no exception. COVID has made the whole process of rescuing children from bonded labour, re-habilitating them and finding their families that much more difficult.

So we feel particularly grateful to be able to support these boys through our sales. 

The Rucksack Project

Four years ago when I worked at the shelter I noticed that the boys shared everything from notebooks and pencils to tooth brushes and towels. 

I started the project so that through our sales we could provide the boys with rucksacks that included toiletries, stationary and some other basic necessities.

The rucksack not only provides them with everyday essentials but it also gives the boys something that they can call their own. This is incredibly positive for their mental health having been previously stripped of everything they know.

So we make scrunchies so we can provide the boys with rucksacks.

Why Scrunchies?

Waste Not Want Knot :)

When making our garments we always end up with waste fabrics and what other best way to use them than to turn them into scrunchies! To add to the good vibes they already give off. A win win situation!

So get buying!! 

Love Daisy x